Thursday, May 21, 2015



I've just recently discovered Liz Ackert of I'm Going to Texas blog fame
and I'd like to share her with you.

Liz is an incredibly gifted writer and fiber artist, 
who is originally from back East, 
but now lives in the beautiful hill country of Texas.
 I'm looking forward this summer to being  able to take the time to sit down
 and go thru her blog all the way from beginning to end. 
I hope you will too!

recycled clothing, plant windfall, string, clamps, copper pipe, perle cottons, Rit dye

My post from 1/7/15 showed the results from the eco-printing
 that my girls did on recycled garments from the thrift store.
What you haven't seen yet are these garments embellished with love.

Here is senior Daphne Chiang's shirt all ready for the dye bucket that we saw from the Jan. 7th post.

And here it is below,
eco-dyed and embellished.

It's so sweet Daphne.
The girls did the eco-dyeing in class,
but I had them do all the embroidery at home between other art projects.
After Daphne displayed this at Open House
 she gifted it to me because she knew how much I loved the printed marks on the cloth.
Thank you Daphne for your generosity and thoughtfulness.
I love it and you!!

Up next we have this delightful burst of color by senior Kaili Hamada.
After eco-printing it,
 she then dipped it into the tye -dye baths for a very cool look.
She really got into the embroidery...

and if you look closely you will find all kinds of cute little details.
She even embroidered her initials on the pocket.

Our English teacher, 
Donna Hall,
is the proud new owner of senior Bianca Tolentino's lovely shirt.
Donna purchased it at our Open House Show and Sale.
One of Bianca's first orders of business was to add a decorative edging 
around the bottom of the shirt and sleeves.
She also framed out the pleats with a well placed fly stitch,
and check out the cool buttons she found to attach to the sleeves.

Wonderful work as always ladies.
You make me so happy!!


  1. I blush ... thank you for the shout out :)

    Just came in from put seven eco-bundles into a copper pot to stew. If they come out half as well as the eco-prints here I will be happier still.

  2. These shirts are fantastic, just love all of the tiny spots of personality.