Tuesday, May 19, 2015


glue bottles and oil pastels

One of my favorite assignments to do with the beginning drawing students are these Glueline Portraits.
It forces the kids to abstract their subjects whether they want to or not.
That's because they have to draw their model with the spout of a glue bottle.
And you can't erase glue.  
Ha ha
We let the glue dry for 24 hours then come back into the piece with oil pastels.
FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's take a look.

Superstar junior Jane Juan did these first two (one for extra credit)
Her model on the one above was junior Kyla Balquin,
and on the one below senior Suha Malif.
Everyone was so blown away by both her pieces including me!
Brilliant designs and colorwork Jane.

This next beauty was done by junior Hapshiba Kwon of 8th grader Olivia Krueger.
Not only did she draw flowers in her design,
 but she also attached silk flowers around her edges for additional pop.

Senior Karisma Dev created this very clever work with senior Yasmeen Pardo as her model.
She bordered with an additional piece of paper that she brunt the edges on, 
and on the other side she opened up ketchup cups from McDonalds and smashed them down.
But my favorite part is how she put a censored label over Yasmeen's mouth.
 I wonder why that is Yasmeen 

Up and coming star 8th grader Sara Ryave used junior Christopher Wongsavanh as her model.
I think it's so cool how she thought to bring in text into her work,
 and how she  also used the glue spout to create texture in her background.
And her use of color is quite striking as well.

Another talented 8th grader is Olivia Krueger.
I adore her portrait of junior Hapshiba Kwon.
Love the cracked face, 
the lace collar, 
and that gorgeous purple she used for the hair.
Probably your most important piece of the year Olivia!

Junior Katherine Ku went all out on her portrait of junior Jamie Rivas.
She really captured this young man's fastidiousness in dress and appearance.
I also really feel her color choices were spot on.

Besides abstracting with the glue spout, 
I encouraged the kids to abstract thru color, 
distortion and exaggeration.

Here is junior Bernice Lin's portrait of junior Hazel Cruz.
Again we see beautiful color choices, 
and exaggeration
 which makes this such a powerful piece.

Junior Jimmy Hwang turned 8th grader Rochelle Serrano into a fortune teller.
Clever young man!

And lastly we have junior Charity Lazardo's interpretation of senior Suha Malif.
Notice the strong diagonal movement she has created in her design.
Very appealing to the eye,
along with her mainly secondary color scheme.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these remarkable pieces 
as much as I enjoyed watching the kids create them.

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  1. I can't help but wonder what might have been if I had art projects like this when I was in school. These are amazing and I only wish I could see them up close and personal to better appreciate the use of glue as line. The colors, on the other hand, come through loud and clear. Amazing stuff!!!