Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Slab Bowls

clay, glazes, oxides, & nail polish

Loving my new beginning ceramics students.
They are hard workers and so focused on good design and craftsmanship.
This was their first slab experience,
and they got to bring in surface design with their bisqued stamps and cylinders they made.
They are also getting the hang of applying the glazes and oxides.
So let's see who we have here.

Senior Ankita Batra is doing outstanding work for me.
She has an innate sense of design and lovely craftsmanship to go with it.

And the clay loves 11th grader Juliene Porciuncula.
I'm so hoping she will be back next year for the second level clay class.

And senior Nikita Govind is knocking all her assignments out of the park.
Here she is experimenting with applying nail polish over top the glazed areas to get certain colors that we can't achieve thru our glazes.

Senior  Poonam Bhaktra has created this delicate leaf form 
and then done a bit of splattering with the oxides over top the glaze.

And lastly senior Laarnie Barcelon has designed her plate as an envelop to her love
complete with clay postage and her signature bow that we are able to find on most of her pieces.

Great job young ones!

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