Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Like Ducks to Water...

oil pastels on black construction paper

my 7th graders took to the oil pastels,
 and in one day really created some lovely works of art.
Actually it was 2 days,
one day to practice and one day to build their good piece for grading.
I was really impressed with this one above by Ashley Sunwoo.
Very sophisticated for one so young!

Aditi Shahwas inspired by a piece Whitney alum David Hyun made back in the day,
and put the beaker bottle with it's bubbles in a really rich landscape.

Love the scale that Jeffrey Hwang drew to in his work above,
and Katelyn Chu did the same with her very dimensional looking heart.

But my favorite of all were these sweet cherries done by Seth Sapinoso.
Love his color choices which makes the piece pop
 as well as his slightly abstract quality of the cherries.
Almost feels like an oil painting rather then pastels.

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