Sunday, February 15, 2015

Don't Let Those Flowers Go to Waste

Senior Laarnie Barcelon rescued the flowers below
that our photography teacher had used for props for his class on still lifes.
Mr. Z was going to toss them in the trash when the kids were done staging them,
 but quick thinking Laarnie brought them to me to eco-dye with.
Our school had just found out that Mr. Z's wife,
 had been nominated for 
the Southern California Teacher of the Year Award,
so I thought it would be nice to use the flowers to make her a scarf with as a gift.
So I pulled out an all silk blank and a wool/silk blank and went to town.
In this second scarf  above I also included some Japanese maple leaves I'd collected 
up on our cabin.
I'd heard they have great dye properties.

These are the results.
I bundled them over copper pipe with a few pieces of rusty hardware for added interest, 
and steamed them in a turquoise Rit dye bath for a bit more color.
These two pix are right after I unrolled them.

And these next two pix are after I washed and ironed them out.
You'll notice that they lost a bit of color intensity
as well as a few markings.
But I still thought they turned out beautifully.
I asked my 3-d students to help me pick out the prettier one for Ms. Z,
and we all decided on the one above. 
I presented the scarf to Ms. Z at our faculty meeting 
when our Principal was congratulating Nancy on being nominated.
I was thrilled when Nancy opened it and immediately wrapped it around her neck,
and wore it for the remainder of the meeting.
I also saw a pix of her at the Awards Banquet with the scarf around her neck for good luck.
How perfect is that???

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