Friday, February 27, 2015

Alumni Warren Kang

Serious or crazy, 
misbehaving or being a good boy,
Warren Kang is one of my all-time favorite Whitney students,
and he recently dropped in for a visit.
I worked with Warren from 1997 when he first came to me in his 7th grade year here at Whitney,
 thru his senior year of high school when he graduated in 02'. 
He took all four levels of my 3-D classes as well as 2 levels of Ceramics,
and ended up being my most outstanding 3-D and Ceramics student,
He graduated with my top most art award his senior year.

From Whitney,
 he went to USC on a scholarship where he majored in Business/Economics
 and then Price Waterhouse scooped him up to work for them right after he graduated from SC,
and he's been with them ever since.
He has risen in the ranks and is now senior advisor with another new promotion he just accepted.
He left to spend 2 years in Spain to manage a branch of PW there.
I'm so proud and thrilled for him,
and wish him the very best.
Another reason I'm so proud of him is that he just helped his mother buy her very first home.
You are the best son Warren!

To show you what an incredible designer he was,
in the 8th grade he made this amazing ceremonial garment from all recycled items.
His attention to detail, effort  and patience as an 8th grade male was unheard of.
I bought the piece from him at Open House,
and I've had it now on display in the Art Lounge for all these years.
When I heard Warren was coming for a visit,
I framed it out and sent it to Spain with him so he can display it in his new office space.  :)

I wish you the very best Warren and look forward to when we meet again.

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