Sunday, February 22, 2015


If you love stitching like I do,
 and haven't had a chance to check out Cindy Monte of Handstories under Artists I Follow,
please take the opportunity to do so.
Her work is exquisite, 
her stitching so very fine,
her design ideas incredibly lovely.

I recently was so moved by one of her pieces that I wondered if it was so sale.
Cindy told me someone else wanted it but if that didn't happen it would be mine.
So several weeks later she e-mailed me and said the other person had declined, 
so I am now the very proud owner of one of Cindy's journals.

One of my favorite things about purchasing an art piece is how creative artist's are when they wrap their pieces for transport thru the mail.
Cindy did not disappoint.
When I pulled the journal out of the mailing envelop there was a beautiful handwritten note about where all the fabrics had come from in the journal.
How special they were to her.
It made my heart swell that all these pieces of cloth had so much meaning.
Then there was a layer of shibori cloth as a wrapper,
hand tied with her hand spun yarn.

Then another wrapper of pattern paper that I love to collage with,
and more hand spun yarn.

Even the way she folded the wrapper was special.

And then the Tah-Dah moment when I saw the cover of the journal called Wonders.
Keep in mind that this journal was made on a super small scale, 
so her stitches are amazingly tiny.

Then open to pages one and two.
Unbelievable, right??

Pages three and four.

And then on to a brief cover tease before the unveiling of pages five and six.
Notice the little buttons above that you have to unwrap before opening fully.
So sweet :)
Also notice the Cloth Weaving that leads from page six to the back cover.
I am just so in love with this journal and can hardly believe it's mine.
It has a very special display place in my mountain studio where I enjoy it's beauty every weekend.
What a treat!
Thank you Cindy for creating such a remarkable piece 
and then to be able to part with it.
I promise to take very good care of it.
It's found a happy, loving home.


  1. Thank you so much, Deb, for your very kind and generous words. It was clearly meant for you. As I said before, it's very much a mutual admiration society between us. oxo

  2. Oh I love knowing that this book found its way to you ... I remember following its making on Cindy's blog