Saturday, December 27, 2014

Nutty Knitters

handmade knitting needles & hand dyed yarns

Earlier this year we saw the colorful yarns these gals dyed up on their handmade knitting needles.
Well the next step was to teach them to knit with them,
and to purl & crochet too.
All of these are global skills, like learning to ride a two-wheeler,
so they are difficult to learn.
But once learned, 
you have them for the rest of your life.

Here are two of the three Intermediate girls getting started,
seniors Kaili Hamada and Daphne Chiang.
Daphne took to knitting like a duck to water because she had learned already at an earlier age,
so she was able to brush up on her skills,
but for Kaili and Bianca,
it was a bit more challenging.
I taught them 9 different patterns,
and then they had a choice whether to make a scarf or a pillow with those nine.

Kaili made a scarf with a double crocheted edging.

Daphne did a nine patch pillow with single crochet edging,
and senior Bianca Tolentino made a two sided heart pillow sampler.
I'm so proud of these three for hanging in there and learning this very difficult new skill.
Bianca loves it so much that she is making several knit scarves for friend's Xmas presents.

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