Friday, December 12, 2014

All Together Now

I love to share beautiful fiber finds with my 3-D students who I've taught to spin yarn.
So below are spun up skeins from 3 seniors that I gave roving to,
as well as my own.
What I find so interesting is that I gave them each the same amount of roving and each of the yarns turned out so differently.
On the far left is a 2-ply by Laarnie Barcelon, 
top center is my two-ply,
Then below me is Biana Tolentino
 who has Navajo plied hers then knit it into a beautiful pattern she was experimenting with..
And far right is a singles by Kaili Hamada.

I am so proud to share these young woman who continue the art of spinning 
even after the assignment is over a whole year later.

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