Monday, December 8, 2014

Meet My New 7th Graders


 These new young ones are coming in with some strong skills, just like my 1st Quarter group, 
and they are taking to the art class like ducks to water.  :)
So let's look at their 1st assignment.

They had to do a 5 step value scale, 
and  figure out their shading style.
Hailey Choi has decided to shade on the diagonal for the hair,
and then goes into vertical for her doorway.
I like how she is using her paper wisely by drawing off the edges.
It really amazes me how the kids come in with these innate design skills. 

Audrey Ancheta is choosing to incorporate content within her scale.
I'm always impressed when the kids express themselves thru their art pieces.

Kylan Soni is showing amazing craftsmanship for one so young.

And Aditi Shah is showing off her understanding of value throughout her entire design.

But the child who came in with the highest level of critical thinking was Jeffrey Hwang.
What an incredible composition for a young man his age.

I'm really looking forward to sharing more of their work.

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