Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let It Rain

clay, glaze, metallic rubbing compounds, & mixed media embellishments

We have been blessed with rain in California.
All our reservoirs and lakes are filling up,
and our air is crisp and clean.
I'd like to attribute it to  my Intermediate Ceramics students and their Rainsticks.

I'd like to start with a stick that was built last school year by senior James Cho.
For some reason, 
I forgot to post the sticks from last school year, 
but I remembered that one of our teachers had purchased James' stick and she let me borrow it.
It's so breathtakingly beautiful
 with the metallic rubbing compound he rubbed on the sawdust fired clay surface.
In addition he wrapped thin gold wire around the bamboo joints.
And I love the sweet frog on top.

Senior Cindy Ryoo in complete right brain mode

The kids start by building a tall slab cylinder that they can texture then thump and drag,
or they can choose to roll the clay out and have no texture.

Senior Yasmeen Pardo below has also chosen to marbleize her clay before rolling 
for a really pretty effect.
Note the stern face, 
I caught her off guard right in the middle of trying to repair a crack in her piece.
She was not a happy camper 

This is what they look like on the inside.
Lots of coils for the clay balls to hit to make the magical musical sounds.

And then there is Maggie.
This rainstick was made by senior Nicolas Tudor.
Here's Maggie below getting her skin colors painted on.
What a cutie  :)

She patiently awaits her fate as I close the kiln lid.
She sits in front of Yasmeen's really tall stick.
They both are going thru their 2nd firing.

Here are the finished results.
Love the nails Yasmeen stuck into the side of her work, 
and the text she put on with nail polish.
Hope you can also see the marbling in the clay.

And here is Maggie in all her glory.
Can you find the pretty crystal necklace Nick has made and put around her neck?
He also added a foot on the bottom to keep her steady and standing.
He even carved out a little area and melted a bit of glass for added interest.

Senior Erin Hsiao has added the sweetest owl on top of her stick,
 and senior Ju Eun Lee has put a clay bird on top with real bird feathers surrounding.

Senior Sameera Ahmad has rubbed metallics around her lovely textured leaves,
and Cindy has glued on real twigs amongst the tree limps.
These kids are amazing, right???
Let them know, 
please send in your comments!!

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