Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Laarnie Barcelon - In Her Own Words

Hello everyone! 
My name is Laarnie Barcelon and I am a senior here at Whitney. 
I have been taking art classes with Mrs. Sposa for three years. 
I am currently in her Advanced 3-Dimensional class,
 and my most recent assignment was constructing the pages for my Wayfarers Wanderbook,
(a class that Ms. Sposa took with India Flint
for this post, 
I was given the ability to blog about each one of the pages myself.
A little while before I had started working on all of my pages, 
Mrs. Sposa was giving away some of the old 2-D artwork that her past students had made.
 I thought it would be interesting to use some of them for my pages,
 so I had asked and had kind of moved on from there!
For this page, 
I had crosshatched and made several stitches on top of the paper where there had been rips. Afterwards, 
I stitched some fabric ruffles over top and then finally,
 I made some marks and wrote ambiguous phrases using an inky pen.
The page was then dyed/steamed in pomegranate skins and innards,
 but not the seeds.
 Inside the book's page was various pieces of strawberries,
and other little things that I had found when wandering around the school. 

The page above is my signature page! 
The page's requirement had told me to write my name all  over the I did.
 I wrote my name in inky pen, 
colored markers, 
and colored pencils. 

it was stuffed with strawberries, 
splattered with avocados, 
eucalyptus leaves,
 and more.
Here's a shot of it bundled up with can lids and clamps!
These are the pictures of it when it was all finished! 
There were a lot of holes and rips here and there,
 so after it had came out, 
I collaged and stitched the ripped pieces onto itself along with some neutral colored pages of sheet music, 
tissue paper,
 and dictionary pages.
I forgot to mention that the backside of the signature paper was originally a paper that had some 2-D artwork on it before I dyed it.

As for this page,
 I had forgotten to take a picture of it before we had dyed it in pomegranate! 
 But the page was stitched on and I had applied coffee filters,
 some ripped tissues,
 and some parchment paper on top of it.
 I had intended for it to have a dandelion flower-y theme,
 but because of how the page turned out, 
you can't really tell.

As for these pages, they were made using the milk resist technique.
 I can't for the life of me remember what I had dyed them in,
 but they sure came out wonderfully~!
 On all of the pages,
 I had stitched them according to the themes I had came up with.
 The far left's theme was threads and stitches, 
the middle was splatters and spiders, 
and the far right's theme was based around how it's a page with a pocket.
 Each of the pages have some kind of pencil and pen markings, 
something stitched over top like silk, 
or tissue papers. 
 and they all had some kind of coffee watercolor on them too that matched with the milk resist design.

To be honest,
 I was very lucky with how the pages above came out! 
They all came out with some of the most beautiful blue markings and wonderful leaf imprints. 

As for the paper above,
 I don't exactly know what had happened to it.
 If I remember correctly, 
it was dyed in turquoise RIT dye rather than being boiled with something organic. 

As for this paper,
 it's an old piece of sheet music that I had gotten from my music teacher Mr. England
 after we had cleared out the jazz band library.
 The page had been dyed with the insides of a pomegranate. 
I had thrown in some leaves and flowers here and there after writing all over the backside some silly gibberish with the same inky pen.

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  1. Laarnie -- your wayfarer's wander book is so beautiful and creative. It's just amazing. I'm going to have to look at your post again and again. This takes me back to the class with India Flint (the one that Mrs. Sposa also took). Thanks for sharing all the photos. Keep up your wonderful creativity!