Friday, October 3, 2014

Back to the 60"s

rit dyes & white paper towels

This unit is one of the many ways I introduce color theory into the 3-d curriculum.
Besides the traditional 60's circular motifs I also show more contemporary techniques and the results are gorgeous.
One of my new favorite new students, junior Hazel Cruz, really got into the whole tye-dye thing, coming in everyday at lunch and after school to do more then required.  
As a result she got in a lot of practice and turned in some fabulous pieces. 
These top three are hers.
I require a single color dip, a two color with overlaps, and a triple color with overlaps.
And of course they can do as many as they want as time allows.

This next one by junior Will Kim, is a 3 color dip in a very contemporary design on the diagonal.
I love the color choices Will made and the way the green and purple look when they are overlapped.

Another new kid that I'm real impressed with is junior Josh Bok.
Just look at this crazy, wonderful mix of traditional and contemporary techniques.
So very cool!

These next two were created by junior Antoniette Jabat.
Above is her two color and below her three color.
Strikingly beautiful.

 And I'll end with a very traditional piece by senior Evelyn Aldana.
It's a three color and the edges of her design look like feathers to me.
So very pretty.


  1. Having a chance to see what you and your students are up to always makes me want to be a student again. : ) What wonderful projects and always beautiful results.