Thursday, October 30, 2014

35 Years of Dust

Yes indeedy, 
this is what 35 years of dust looks like from the top shelf in my kiln room.
My husband says I should be so ashamed  LOL
Besides housing my two kilns, the Kiln Room is where I store a plethora of art supplies.
My assistant, alum Josh Berger, 
has been spending the past 3 weeks inside this room cleaning it from top to bottom.
He's almost done.
I wish I would have thought to take a before shot.
He's made a huge difference.
Now it's a pleasure to walk into.
I'm trying to get the entire art room clean and squared away before I retire.
I want to leave it nice and organized for the next art teacher.
I'm hoping one of my ex-art students will come back to fill the void.
Joyce Byean and Jordan Joyce, 
get your resumes ready!
I'm thinking about cutting out at the end of the next school year.


  1. Ha Ha -- this is like pulling your refrigerator away from the wall space after 20 years. It's a scary thing -- just in time for Halloween.