Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Kids = Happy Teacher

A glimpse into the set up for Tye-Dye.

I get a lot of requests from art teacher across the U.S. about lesson plans, and set ups for certain assignments, 
so I thought I'd start taking additional pix of my students at work. 
I'm very limited on space,
 so sometimes we have to use the floor.  
 it's old school linoleum and it cleans up easily. although I do put newspapers under all the dye buckets. 
This year we had 7 dye buckets going on, 
so we had to house 3 of them behind the check-out counter.
With only 24 students in this class it wasn't too bad.
Some years I've had as many as 35 in this class,
 and it gets a bit ridiculous around those dye  buckets.
 That's when the kids have accidents like getting dye on themselves and their neighbors clothes..
And guess what, it doesn't come out, it's dye!

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