Tuesday, September 30, 2014

There's a New Girl in Town

And her name is Mia, 
Mia Love.
Part Jack Russel and part Pit Bull, 
also known as a Bull Terrier, 
and one of the sweetest,
 most gentle dogs I've ever met.

Her owner is Chris Love, our good friend from up on the mountain who just built and finished the inside of our barn.
He's down to build us new wood stairs in our home, 
and man oh man are they looking good!
It's taken a day but our dogs have finally called a truce and are actually interacting in a nice way.
Going so far as to play tug of war over my legs. 

mostly Sophie is doing all the tugging. 
Mia is just being very stoic and patient as Soph tries her best to get her squeaky toy back.
They are cracking me up!

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