Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Small Messy Hands

charcoal on paper

A fun medium but oh so messy for the little ones.
But just wait till you see their results.
We've got a lot of talent once again this year!

Sarah Youn starts us off with this very cool dimensional design.

I love how simple this next composition is with it's fading horizon by Brianna Morales.
She's really achieved a great range of value which makes the piece feel 3-D.

Emily Mercado had fun with her composition  by including text and a night time theme.

And Cayla Buculea has used her eraser to bring out a decorative design across the top of her piece to help balance it out.

Daniel Kwon thought to put his horizon on the diagonal which creates a bit of movement that the eye really likes.
And be sure to check out Daniel's cool signature, looks pro  :)

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