Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Let's See What's Hanging...

on the line outside my classroom door.
Lot's of tye-dye going on.
My Beginning 3-D kids are now teaching their friends the art of Tye-Dye,
and now we've got at least 5 kids in the classroom everyday after school rinsing the excess dye out of their garments
 and hanging them on the line to dry overnight. 
What's so cool is that many of these kids are band students who have never been able to fit my class into their schedules.
And they are coming into the art room for the first time in their 6 years at Whitney.
I'm almost thinking of leaving out the dyes all year long to attract even more students.
So every morning when I walk up to my classroom 
I see wonderful design and color as it should be.
And the kids are finding all sorts of things to dye,
as you can see. 
Juniors Hazel Cruz and Erin B. are especially getting some crazy wonderful results.
In fact,
 I gave Hazel a frock of my own to dye, 
and as you can see she did a fantastic job for me.
Thanks Hazel!!!!

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  1. Oh, my gosh! the tie dye shirts are wonderful. I am always so happy when I see the creative processes that go on in your classroom. There are going to be some pretty big shoes to fill (and sad faces) the day you decide to retire from teaching.