Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What's Laarnie What Too?

Spinning, dyeing and building her own drop spindle.
Senior Laarnie Barcelon is the lone ranger in my Advanced 3-D class this year.
But that's a good thing, she is able to become completely absorbed in her work and go deeply into Right Brain.
As a result she is producing incredible works of art this year.
She started the year off by dyeing raw fleece with food colors.
Then I taught her to spin on a drop spindle and also on the spinning wheel.
She took to the spinning wheel like a duck to water.
Just look at her lovely tail spun yarns here.
All these yarns below were either spun on the drop spindle or the spinning wheel.

Drop Spindle
She was also required to build from scratch her own drop spindle.
It was so beautifully designed and crafted that I had to take several shoots at different angles.
The cross bars are from the leftover molding pieces we used in the barn
 up at the cabin this summer.
She was required to build it from at least two different types of wood.
I believe she used oak. alder and poplar.
I adore how she trailed beads and gemstones around the layers 
so that our eye wraps around the piece.
Lovely work Laarnie.
 I'm so proud to showcase your work!

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  1. Wow!! So many surprises every week. Laarnie's work is amazing.