Monday, October 13, 2014

Just Messing Around

Wanted to share what I've been up to as my students are tye-dyeing and eco dyeing.

I had some old fabric that I had blueprinted on many moons ago, so I cut it up into small pieces and thought I'd experiment.
So far I've tried two different processes over top.

In this first one I laid down a bunch of leaf windfall from around the school, bundled it up and stuck it in the eucalyptus dye bath for a good steam.

And below I tied the piece up two different times, two different ways going into red first and then into yellow Rit dye.

Here you can see the back side 
and the imprints of the close pins I used to hold it together in the dye.
I really enjoyed the results in both and plan to do more experimenting.

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