Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Too Cute!!

marking pen over watercolor washes

I really enjoy letting the kids experiment and use their critical thinking skills to see how far they can push whatever media we are working in.
Here we see 7th graders Rachel Clinton and Dylan Wong going outside to flick and splatter watercolor over top their washes, and having way too much fun!
Love it  :)

Sahana Ramesh, little sis to senior Aditi, has come to me with really strong design and craftsmanship skills, and she is showcasing them in her work above.

Liam Abalos is coming in with highly sophisticated designs for one so young in this next piece above.

And then we have Ananya Narayanan and Rachel's finished pieces.  
What I really push for is originality and you can see that both girls are approaching this design problem in completely different ways.

Dion Villanueva put everything he had into this next one.
And look at how beautifully he crafted it, not necessarily easy for 7th grade boys  :)

Lina Kim is probably one of my strongest 7th grade artists this whole year.
Plus she is fast.
She was able to complete her assignment plus an extra credit piece in the time it took for the others to just get one done!

Same thing with Emma Centeno.
And can you find the cats in both her works?
It's a bit of a challenge in the bottom one but there are two of them.
Emma ,manages to put at least one cat into every piece she creates for me, giving her a very cool signature style.

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