Friday, June 6, 2014

A Whole Lot of Coiling Going On

clay, glaze, oxides

My beginners outdid themselves this year with their very first coil pot experience.
Let's take a look.

Senior Anne Allan designed this magnificent and whimsical pitcher.
It was everyone's favorite.
She spent quality time carefully glazing it with oxides as well as ceramic watercolor paints.
I adore it and know that future Ceramic students will be inspired by it.

This next one by junior Stephanie Kim is gorgeous as well.
Stephanie has had a great year in Ceramics, the clay loves her, and I'm thrilled she will be coming back next school year.

Below we have the work of senior Neha Jain. 
 Neha is one of my top Ceramic artists this year.
Designs flow out of her and it's a pleasure to watch her create.

Junior Cindy Ryoo also took great pains in the production as well as the glazing of her piece above.
She has used our turquoise glaze then highlighted a few select areas with our oxides for a lovely piece.

Senior Minette Tsang, another top clay student, brings us this very flamboyant coil form, a difficult feat to execute.
So cool Minettte!

Love the overlapping of our chili glaze over top our tan glaze.
  What a great look for senior Lacey Thach.

And here's another junior who is excelling this year with clay, Ju Eun Lee.
Good looking form and beautiful glazing thru overlapping.
Notice how she started with a triangle but ended with a circle?
You rocked this Ju Eun!

Junior Erin Hsaio always puts in tremendous time and effort on all her clay pieces and it always pays off for her.
I especially love how she stamped a slab piece and incorporated in among her coils.

Below we have junior Nicholas Tudor who has a fantastic sense of design and usually comes up with something a bit more sculptural.
He likes pushing boundaries which is always a good thing in the arts.

Next is senior Priya Shah, another outside of the box thinker.
I love how she ended this pot and also how she glazed it.
Reminds me of "Starry Night".

Junior Tiffany Chu has done an incredible job with the design and form of this one.
I also really like her glaze choice and how she highlighted her stamped slabs with red iron.

And lastly we  have junior Diego Gonzalez who achieved this amazing look by overlapping our white glaze over top our black.  It reminds me of horse hair fired Ceramics.
Super cool Diego!

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  1. These are wonderful!!! Very talented artists! It's amazing the texture and designs they create! Me and my daughters are signed up for ceramics this summer and I can't wait!