Thursday, June 26, 2014

Feeling Free to be Non-Objective

oil based printing ink on various papers

Monoprinting is a super fun assignment which gives the kids a new freedom to explore abstract and non-objective drawing in a printmaking medium.
I cover traced, reductive, additive and silhouette techniques plus we pick up all those ghosts left behind on the plate. 
Fullerton base mixed media artist Mary Zarbano turned me onto monoprinting when she visited my school in the 1980's to give a demonstration to my drawing/painting kids.
She brought so much joy into each of her pieces and worked so spontaneously that I knew my students would love the process.
It's been in my curriculum ever since.

Both seniors, Megan Yeu and Jarick Simbol, really got into the process.
In fact, they made so many prints so quickly that we had to string a line in the kiln room to dry them out (below).
Above are all eleven prints that each one of them had to turn in.
Megan's are the top ones and Jarick's the two bottom lines.

Above is Megan's traced traced print, and below are two of her silhouettes.

Below are Jarick's traced and ghost of traced.

I'm so glad both of these young ones got to experience this medium before they graduated.

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