Thursday, June 19, 2014

Don't Forget Your Allergy Meds

water based pastels on black construction paper

For anyone with allergies, water based pastels can be highly irritating because of the chalky dust, so I rarely teach with them. 
But they yield such lovely results that I have to at least introduce them into the 2-D curriculum.
So I have the kids be extra careful;
no blowing the dust across the desks, 
and sponging the tables off at the end of the period.

Senior Vivian Dinh had such a bad  reaction to them that she put a pair of my eye goggles.
Clever girl!

Ok, beginners, I need help here. 
 I forgot to write down the names of who goes with which piece.
And what a shame because I showcased so many of you this time.
So if you see this post, please drop me an email at dartisun@gmail .com and let me know which one is yours.

Just found out that this one was done by junior Nathan Chong.
Really like how he abstracted this by exaggerating the facial features.

The one above is the creation of junior Michael Cantu.
He always gives up super original landscapes.
Also notice that he's using a complementary color scheme which makes the oranges pop and the blues recede.
The kids learned that in their color theory unit, and I notice,whether they do or not, that many of them are using color schemes now to compose with.

Loved how senior Alex Arias turned this olive into an eyeball, and how he gave this piece a sinister feel.

I really like how senior Catherine Chiou made her background flow.
Feels very surreal.

Senior Kavya Madhavan was the first one to let me know this gorgeous piece above was hers.  
Notice her pastel technique is unique from all the others, almost a pointillist/crosshatching style.
So very cool Kavya!

And this last one, a favorite, belongs to Vivian Dinh who had on the googles above.  
I wish I could show you this one in person, she built the nest so beautifully with curved hatchure strokes.
Just lovely Viv!

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