Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Whole Lot of Paddling Going On


Originally this started off as a lidded container assignment, but over the years it's evolved into a more sculptural pot minus the lid.
The kids have a choice between working with either pinch, coil or slabs to handbuild with.
They are required to overlap edges as they build up and then to paddle piece into an interesting form..
The results were fantastic this year!

Love senior Aman Patel's planter.
The texture that results from the paddling is so organic and wonderful.
This zinnia loves it too  :)

Next we have senior Tahnee Tranthrong who built with pinched clay pads.
It was really clever of her to incorporate a face into the side.
Her glazing was also well thought out.

Senior Carol Oh built with various shapes of slabs for this very elegant vase form.
And the glaze she picked compliments her piece so well.

Next we have senior Aditi Ramesh with her breathtaking vase form.
She also built with slab shapes and was able to really contour her form.
Spectacular Aditi!

Lastly we have senior James Cho with this really cool vase form built with paddled slabs.
Love how he dipped and glazed with multiple overlaps.
Great job all of you.  
So proud to share you and your work with the world  :)

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