Friday, June 20, 2014

A Bug's Life

paper mache', paper collage, acrylic paint & misc. embellishments

I haven't taught paper mache in a couple of years so I thought I's bring it back.  
We didn't have a lot of time left in the school year so I scaled down the assignment to miniature pieces.
So what you are seeing on your screen are probably about the actual size of the finished pieces.
I also asked the kids to simplify whenever they could, again to reduce the amount of days it would take to finish on time.
The results were adorable, I hope you like them.

This first one was made by senior Jasmine Lim and it had so much personality, right?

Next is senior Ema Shah.
Love how she's using two different paper collage patterns for wings and body.

This next one cracks me up.
It was done by junior Bianca Tolentino.

And just look at 8th grader Cassidy Chansirik go on her Father's Day gift to her dad.
the fish is paper mache' and the fisherman is made from Polymer clay.

And speaking of 8th grade superstars, here's my other one, Annie Lin.
Her snail was so beautifully crafted.
Love her paper collage design on the shell.

Junior Katy Uchiyama found gorgeous peacock feathers to embellish her bird with.
This one was a class favorite. 

And this sweet little chick was done by senior Jinnie Choi.
Again, so much personality!.

And we end with this adorable puffer fish by senior Alyssa Wakamiya.
Too cute!!

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