Monday, June 30, 2014


tempera, pen & ink, and graphite on canvas

My sincere apologies to junior Elias Rodriguez for accidentally leaving this very important work from my May 27th post on Beginners learning to work Realistically in Tempera.
This is such a cool and unique piece.
First of all Elias asked if he could work on canvas rather then bristol paper, and work larger as well.
I can always count on Elias to do something completely out of the box so I was excited to see what he had in mind.
Instead of doing the whole piece in tempera, as the other students did, he mixed his media and incorporated the graphite house and the pen and ink zentangle with his flower that he painted in tempera.
I also really like how he controlled his color scheme, working in a neutral palette until he painted the flower.
Brilliant work Elias, it really shows off your artist gifts!
You will go far!

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