Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Having Fun and Learning in the Process

clay, glaze, ceramic pencil, ceramic watercolor

Senior Aman Patel is helping out senior James Cho slide his pot off the potter's wheel, a tricky operation when you are a beginner learning to throw and every pot means the world to you.
And there's nothing better then success as these two congratulate each other on a job well done.
Look at my handsome boys  :).  

My second year clay kids have had a tremendous year as they did college level handbuilding as well as learning to throw on the potter's well.

This is senior Tahnee Thantrong below as she centers her clay...
so that she can decorate the left and middle work below with ceramic pencil.
the piece on the right was done by senior Carol Oh.

Ceramic pencil is an underglaze technique.
The 4 major oxides; red iron, cobalt, rutile and chrome carbonate, are compressed into a pencil form so that they can be sharpened then designs drawn right onto the bisqueware.
A transparent glaze is then applied over top.

This one above and below was done by senior Shamara Mustafa with a red iron pencil on our arctic white clay body with transparent glaze over top.
Side View

Carol went all out on this beauty using both the ceramic pencil and watercolors.
They even manufacture ceramic pastels.

And this is one of Aman's pieces which everybody loved.  
Adorable  :) 

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