Monday, December 19, 2011

Wire Pendants - Student Work

I can't seem to show you enough from my beginning 3-d kids.  These wire wrapped pendants came out so well.  I was especially impressed with how a couple of the kids used hardware parts in their work.  Junior Sara Shams did this amazing piece above.  I love how she used both the gold and silver wire in her piece as well as all those seed beds; plus the amount of time and effort it took to build this one.
I felt the most creative was this one above by junior Hannah Park, using up my garage sale hardware findings.  I'm thinking of only having the kids use the findings next year.  Thanks Hannah for your inspiration!
Below we have junior Sheila San Agustin and junior Ashley Chowdhury, both doing a wonderful job with the wire assignment.
Another of my favorites was made by senior Jerrie Rui with the shell angel below.  Very clever to add those wings Jerrie!
And junior Alice Zhang did the dream piece below.  She like Hannah incorporated some hardware findings into her work.  Love that!
For EXTRA CREDIT, find a small piece of thin wire (paper clip, grocery store twist tie, etc),and twist and bend it into a recognizable shape.  Attach a small piece of paper with your name and period so I can give you extra credit points and hand to me when you walk in the door tomorrow.  On the other side of the piece of paper write down the name of the student who made your favorite wire piece from above.

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