Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Wishing all of you a relaxing, peaceful, joyful and loving holiday season with your family and friends.   
I will be taking a 2 week break from the blog so I will see you again in the New Year.
Here are some of my favorite holiday decorations.  My handmade button wreath.  All my special Xmas cards that past students have given me.  Let's see, I see one from Jan Yeh, Mark Bayua (spelling?), and Breeana Johng.  I have them on display throughout my home/studio.
Below is a close-up of alumni Victoria Au's tiny felt ornaments and Flora Li's beaded angel that they made for me on the little Xmas tree.
All the ornaments on my tree below were either made by my children, my students, my mother, myself, or favorite artists.  Each holds a special place in my heart.
Unfortunately my tree has vanished into cyber-land and it won't come back.  I'm just not savvy enough yet to figure everything out with all the functions on this blog.  If you really want to see it chick on Xmas 2010 and know that my tree looks pretty much the same except this year it's a little smaller.  :) 

The small tree below has other cherished ornaments by artists Leslie McCabe, Judy Coats Perez, and myself. 
A close up 

And our sweet, lovely tree at Jimmy's place adored with many of my mother's antique bulbs, Danielle's Xmas angel at the top that she made in kindergarten, and the beautiful and colorful handmade ornaments that Julie brought me last Xmas from New York.

A very special Xmas wish to my in-laws, Bette and Vinny, in Hobe Sound Florida.  Wishing we could all be together this Xmas.  Stay well.   Jim, Danielle, Zach, Julie, Mike and I send you our love.

And Happy New Year!!!!  

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