Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moonbabies - Student Work

I don't think I've shown off any of my Ceramics I kids and their work this year yet.  I have another fantastic bunch to work with, just like the last couple of years.  This was their very first experience with the clay at the beginning of the school year and they came up with these exquisite little abstracted figure sculptures that I call moonbabies after the ones of the same name made in Zambia, Africa. 
These top 3 belong to senior and homecoming princess nominee Shavonna Walker, senior Jaimee Chirico, and senior Alice Cho.  After Jaimee's piece came out of the glaze firing she took india ink and painted on the tribal designs.  I think I'm going to make that a new requirement next year.  Thanks Jaimee for your inspiration.
Above we have sophomores Tahnee Thantrong and Aman Patel.  It was cool how Aman thought to put nails thru his piece while the clay was still plastic before the bisque firing.  Another new requirement next year perhaps  :)
Below we have senior Opal Patel with her very expressive piece.

Here is senior Priya Shah's sweet moonbaby.  The kids were supposed to bring in expressive qualities to their figures and all of them did such a great job with this requirement as you can see.
One of my personal favorites belonged to senior Michelle Lee.  So simple but so powerful.  I also enjoyed the way she stained it with the oxides before glaze firing it.    
These last two excellent examples were done by junior Eddie Ponce and senior Brady Son.  See, aren't these kids fabulous?  And this was only their first assignment.  Wait till you see the rest of the quarter's projects!
For EXTRA CREDIT, on a piece of brown paper cut into the shape of a moonbaby, put your name and period on the front and the name of the person who made your favorite moonbaby from the post above on the back side.  Give to me when you walk in tomorrow.

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