Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Felt Embroidery Pieces from My Beginners

The pillows from yesterday were made after these gorgeous flat pieces.  These flat works were my 3-d beginners first attempts at embroidery.  The attention to detail, the incredible designs and the amount of time put into these pieces were truly remarkable.  I love these children.  I love my job, look what I get.  Beauty surrounds me all day long!
I want to start with junior Hannah Park whose piece was one of my personal favorites.  Hannah is gifted in 2-d art as well as 3-d.  You saw many of her works last year on the blog.  Below hers is junior Nikki Shah's.  Nikki is another amazing young artist that I've known and been working with since her 7th grade year.  I'm so glad you are back Nikki.

Two up and coming superstars are juniors Sheila San Agustin above and Phoebe Liu below.  I'm really hoping that both these girls will return to me next year for the 2nd level crafts class.  As you can see they are amazing designers and impeccable craftswomen.

Next we have juniors Alice Zhang whose fun pillow was featured yesterday, above, and Sam Arias below.  I've got my fingers crossed that these two younguns will also come back to me.  Alice is new to me this year and I'm quickly discovering her many talents in the arts, and Sam I've been working with since her 7th grade year.  She is also one of my most talented 2-d kids.

The lovely piece above was made by junior Julia Chanco, and was also one of my favorites this year.  I'm hoping it will be for sale at Open House (hint, hint)  :)  Below we see senior Aparna Vancheswaran's work again because everything she stitches is outstanding.  I will be sad to see you graduating Aparna, but Julia you had better come right on back to me LOL

And lastly we have junior Emily Yang whom I'm also getting to know and love.  What a sweet piece this is Emily.  Your stitching is remarkable and I already know that I've bugged you enough that you will be returning next year.

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