Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Extra Credit

I just wanted to show off some of the fun pieces my students are turning in for their extra credit points.  Usually once a week I throw in an extra credit opportunity to encourage the kids to check my blog every night.  I ask them to cut their paper into specific shapes, use specific colors or to create their own multi-colored papers.  I give them a subject matter that usually relates to the post that they need to cut their paper into.  I also encourage them to be as creative as possible; that the more they do the more points they will earn.  Then they use these extra credit pieces to vote for their favorite work in that post.  The student who earns the most votes then in turn gets an extra credit point.  So two weeks ago I had them create fish and last week portraits.  Above is junior Rita Labib's face and below we see the fish of junior Stella Park, 7th grader Brian Hu, junior Corrine Marcus, senior Opal Patel, senior Janice Min, 7th grader FelixYiu, and freshman Karisma Dev.  The kids who did the fishes voted senior Tiffany Yeh as having done the most beautiful color theory piece.  And senior William Luo was voted favorite collage self-portrait.  Congrats both Tiffany and William!

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