Monday, December 5, 2011

Crystal Cove over Thanksgiving Break

I was extremely thankful this year for many things.  One of which was a week off break this last Thanksgiving Holiday.  Yeap, a whole week off, and it was soooo good!!  Jim and I had lots of fun getting our Xmas shopping done, getting special projects out of the way and just hanging out with the family.  But our most memorable day was driving down to the beach to explore Crystal Cove.  This piece of coastline has been turned into a State Park and is known for it's beauty, it's seclusion and it's rustic cabins; some of which have been renovated and can be rented out on a daily basis (although they are booked up 7 months ahead, so good luck!).
 The houses were built throughout the 1920's thru the 40's for a total of 46 cottages.  Tent camping was also very big there in the 1950' and 60's.  All of the homes are very weathered and lots of people come here just to visit and take pix.  In 1979 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  There is even a coffee table book of the place.
Below is one of the cabins that has been remodeled, you can see it's being rented, the man on the balcony is enjoying the gorgeous day.

Above is one of the homes that hasn't been redone.  You can see how the ocean air has weathered the wood. They have a little museum on the premises and right now they are having a gallery showing of all the weathered objects that have survived over the years and been collected.  They even have opened up one of the homes so you can go inside and see how it must have looked in the 50's.  So cool!
These two shots were my favorites of this old mailbox with the ivy vines climbing it's sides and the worn out stairs below. 
They even have a cute little beach cafe (below) so if you can't get a cabin you can stop in for bite.  My daughter Dan has actually stayed in 3 different cabins here overnight with girlfriends families.  Lucky girl. 
It was such a magnificent day that we continued along the coast to Main Beach in Laguna, for some people watching, sitting in the fresh air and ocean spray, shopping and lunch.  
This is Main Beach looking in both directions.  The guy below thought we wanted his pix and got overly friendly with us.  I don't think so buddy, I  was actually going for the lite house in the background.  LOL

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