Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Embroidered Felt Pillow Basics - Student Work

I know you met my new Beginning 3-d crop with their tye-dye pieces last month, well here are a few of their embroidery basics on sweet little felt pillows they made.  They learned about 8 different embroidery stitches, some seed and bugle beading techniques, and how to stuff and close a pillow with no knots showing.
Below we have seniors Shivanti Kariyawasam, Aparna  Vancheswaran, and Megan Machado with Aparna's close up of her front side above.  

Aren't these pieces adorable?  It was really hard to choose which ones to show off.  Above we have juniors Alice Zhang and Sheila San Agustin with junior Ashley Chowdhury and senior Sunny Cheon below.  
Which one do you like the best?  For EXTRA CREDIT on a piece of colored paper cut into a very long strip with your name and period on one side and the name of the person who made your favorite pillow from above on the other side,  roll it into a beautiful blossom like the rose above.  Secure the bloom by twining a piece of string tightly around the bottom and knot it.  You decide if it remains a blossom or spread out the petals for a larger bloom.  Give to me when you walk into room tomorrow.  

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