Friday, December 2, 2011

Clay Angels - An Extra Credit Opportunity

Ceramics Students, this is for you, a really fun and playful clay project for the Holidays.  I was at Aardvack Clay supply in Santa Ana over the Thanksgiving breaking and wandered into their work area where a clay student graciously allowed me to photograhph her work.  She had drawn these sweet angels to scale on paper along with thier wings, and then rolled out a big slab of clay.  She transferred the images onto the clay by tracing with her bug pick overtop the drawings.  She then lifted the paper off the slab and carefully cut out each angel and it's wings.  Notice how there is a loop at top of each angel, and there is a corresponding hole in each wing set, so that after glaze firing you slip the wings onto the angels, then hang for display.  Such a clever idea!!  So Ceramics I & II, let's see what you can come up with.  Could you do a bird instead of an angel?  Of  course  :)  How about a flying cow?  Oh Yeah!!!  Go for it!

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