Thursday, February 9, 2017


recycled cotton sheeting, indigo dye vat, rusty items, rubber bands, string & clamps

Teaching this Japanese dye technique is so much fun for the kids.
They love turning their hands blue,
even though gloves are provided,
and the unveiling is so exciting for them.
I have them do a couple of practice pieces on paper first before I give them the good cotton.
But they are still surprised and delighted with their results.
Let's take a look.

Katherine Chen's reminded us of a butterfly,
or perhaps an X-ray of the rib cage.
Really beautiful Katherine!

Ethan Z. used clamps that had a bit of rust on them to create this cool design.

And instead of wrapping this traditional technique with string,
Jason Park used clamps instead. 

I believe Adiyan used two different types of clamps
and fan folding to get this repeat design.

And we all loved this one with the rust spots by Willmer Lizardo.

We end with Sophia O. and her very lovely piece.
Do you see some the big hibiscus?

I only wish I would have brewed the indigo vat a bit darker.
I'm really bad at measuring things.
I know I've mentioned before that I have that problem when I cook.  hee hee
I think you will see the second Art Wheels Shibori pieces a bit stronger blue.


  1. X-ray, pyramid, kaleidoscope ...
    Robots, planets, angels ...

    How we assign meaning to pattern, the better to remember it. Rorschachs.

    Or better yet, just get tangled up in blue ... and then I think, "diamonds and rust."