Wednesday, February 15, 2017


vintage instruments, handspun/handdyed yarns, & various other goodies

This project took a whole different twist this year.
In years past,
 it was referred to more as a Twig Sculpture with Free Form Knitting/Crochet,
but superstar seniors Shreya Sheth & Jacqueline Yu took it in a whole new exciting direction.
Instead of starting with a large interesting found branch/twig,
they rescued old discarded instruments and turned them into amazing works of art.
They were required to incorporate their handspuns that we saw them spinning in last weeks post.
And they also learned to free form knit & crochet in order to sculpt with the fiber.
Let's see what they came up with. 

Shreya  was able to find an old child sized guitar to use as her foundation.
The green fiber is her handspun.
She also dug thru my eco-dyed scraps, burlaps & laces to add a bit of color and texture.
And check out the adorable flag bunting that she knit up to drape around the neck of the guitar.
And last but not least,
she named her piece Sage.

Jacqueline was hoping to work with an old brass horn as her foundation.  
I was able to find her one at an Antique store up by our cabin.
I adore what she did design-wise with this piece.
How it has tentacles that reach out into space,
how she incorporated the hanger and brought in wood as well.
And do you see the glass shards she has glued down to the branch?
Her handspun is wrapped around the branch as well.
And her free-form knitting is done with some dark blue cording she found.
I also really enjoy the vintage crocheted doily that she is using to create a focal point with.
Jac also thought to use wire to build this tree form,
and it's feels so good that she has wrapped fiber thru it.
Plus my eye likes all the little dangley fibers.
You are a very clever girl Jacquline!
A highly unique piece.

Thank you Shreya and Jac for always pushing my assignments in great new directions,
and coming up with amazing pieces to display

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  1. There is a bit to the left of Jac's piece that made me think of a G clef, and that made me think of strings off accidental notes like this ... the hanging strings look like music written for this most unlikely looking instrument.

    And Shreya's "sage" guitar shows very good judgment indeed ... I love the whole of it, but most especially her handspun green