Wednesday, February 8, 2017


graphite on bristol

It's so funny what you miss as you watch the kids build their pieces,
critique them,
 put them on display in the office for all to see,
 photograph, edit and post them to the blog.
And during all that time,
 nor any other person has come up to me and said
"Hey did you know that Alien is flipping you off?"
Gee no,
never saw it till now when it went live.
Oh well....

If you are offended,
I apologize,
just keep scrolling on down,
but the attention to detail,
the mastery of the medium,
and the puzzle of the message 
(that is until you notice the middle finger),
is brilliant work,
so I just had to keep it up/in for all to enjoy,
or not.

The artist on this construction is none other then senior Malaya Sithichai, 
drawing student and future Art Major Extraordinaire.
The nicest,
yet reserved young woman,
a joy to teach.
Who knew she had this spunk!

Another future Art Major,
senior Eileen Lee,
brings us this super creative & playful construction.
We all agreed at the critique that it was our favorite,
 and that we loved the use of the red piece of yarn that ties it all together.
How did she ever think of such a cool idea?
Kudos young woman!

And this next one by junior Samantha Tun,
 it can't help but capture your eye with it's watercolor addition in complimentary colors 
and some neutral browns throw in for good measure.
I also like how different it is then the others, 
and how she has created a somber or perhaps melancholy mood with her stark composition.

And then let's not overlook this exceptional piece by senior Jazzerie Lo,
with it's cutouts that she likes to attach to her work,
and tasteful boarder treatment. 

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  1. I'm going with the consensus pick of Eileen Lee's puzzling piece ... I'm thinking it's a whimsical Rubik's cube take on "there was an old woman who lived in a shoe" with a touch of cat's cradle ... but I also see shadows, an ambiguous figure at the crook of the thumb, and creeping (creepy?) hands ... a layer of menace and a sense that life is precarious. Are these the artist's intent or my own dark thoughts?