Thursday, February 16, 2017



I just adore when my ex art students stay in touch 
and let me know they are still using their art skills in their lives.
Especially when they aren't majoring in art,
just keeping it in their lives because it makes them feel good.

As is the case with Alumni Borah Lim,
Class of 2012.

Borah is in her senior year at Williams College in Williamstown , Mass.
It is a small, highly selective liberal arts college
where Borah is majoring in Biology.
 Borah is taking a quiltmaking class for winter studies
(a special January term period between their fall and spring semester)
where she is working on different kinds of quilt patterns.

She recently sent me these two pictures of two of the patterns she is learning:
a pieced cube and an applique heart in yummy Batik fabric tones.

And then today she sent me pictures of two of her almost finished pieces.
This gorgeous sampler above,
and below an Irish Chain.

Bravo Borah!!!
So very proud and pleased that you are using your many gifts.
These quilts are beautiful!
To see more of Borah's work when she was here at Whitney, 
simply put her name in the blog search engine .


  1. Love her use of secondary colors ... these pieces glow

    1. I agree, I've always loved secondary colors in an art piece!