Wednesday, February 22, 2017


paper collage, text, Modge Podge & various embellishments

These self portrait collages may be small but they are mighty in content.
Coming in at 4 1/2" by 4 1/2" with a piece of white Bristol paper as a border,
these pieces pack a punch.
The kids were required to bring in all 3 parts of a work of art:
subject matter (themselves), form (design elements & principals) & content (message).
So basically everything they've learned from day one.
Let's take a close-up look see.

We are starting with 8th grader Ashley Gong
and her phenomenal piece above called "Get Ready for Rain".
So appealing to the eye for so many reasons.
The pattern & texture, the value change in the color, the fun embellishments,
just an absolute delight for the eye.

Love the color scheme junior Mary Kim picked to work in.
When I was in college the secondary colors were my first choice for many of my assignments.
She is calling this "I'm in Control",
and is reminding herself to Breathe,
good advice for all of us.

"Hidden Dreams" by junior Tiffany Chen evokes such gentleness yet strength at the same time,
just like it's maker.
Tiffany also has chosen a secondary color scheme,
while senior Deborah Harris below is limiting herself to only neutrals in "Forward".
It makes for a very striking, stark & effective composition.

This next super playful & colorful piece "The Entertainer" was made by junior Nara Chai.
It was one of the class favorites.
Nara put so much extra time and effort into it,
and the text she brought has great meaning
"I love all my friends but I hate when their eyes are on me" 

"Wilted Roses" by junior Sarah Oh was a very powerful piece as well.
So critically thought out,
so well executed,
we all gravitated towards it with it's complimentary color scheme,
organic shaped edges,
dimensional embellishments,
and exceptional drawing skills.
Brilliant job Sarah!


  1. It struck me that several of these have very strong diagonals ... and as I have been wont to do of late, my eye catches on those that seemingly reflect the societal unease of our times.

    "Forward" indeed!

    1. One of the design elements that the kids learned was that the eye loves diagonals. I love that you noticed that several of the kids used them. And you are so right about the unease in many of these. There is a lot of anxiety out there.

  2. These were always my favorite assignments, long before I even took a class with you. The pieces this year are so lovely!!!


    1. So great to hear from you Hapshiba, hope all is good. Can't believe the year is speeding by so quickly. I love the results I always get from this very expressive assignment. The kids never let me down. Sending you lots of love xoxoxo