Thursday, February 2, 2017


clay, glazes and oxides

This is one of the first techniques that my beginners learn at the start of the year.
They start with a ball of clay and pinch it into a bowl shape.
They choose from 2 different forms to work to, 
either a bowl with a foot, 
or a mug with a handle.
This is also the first actual pot they get to glaze,
so lets see how they did.

We are starting with junior Sarah Oh who is taking two classes with me this year.
She wants to be an art major and so far I've been very impressed with her.
She seems to always bring a sculptural element into her work,
which makes it stand out from the others.
We all loved this cute little guy trying to climb into her bowl.
Also we like how she glazed it.
Red Iron Oxide brushed over top one of our earthy glazes.
A great look Sarah!

Next we have senior Ashley Iseri who made these next two pieces.
 Both simple yet elegant bowl forms.
Love the ripped lip with just a hint of Rutile Oxide for an accent on the top one,
and like the Rutile Oxide breaking down the verticals on top of our Turquoise glaze below.

One of my favorites was this one by senior Vinaini Jayasinghe.
Love how the clay dried and cracked a bit from shaping it
 creating this fabulous texture.
And when Vinaini glazed it she first stained it with Red Iron then dipped it into Transparent.
And to make those leaf shapes pop she brushed Red Iron over top at the end.
Adore it!

And lastly check out these three cuties by junior Vincent Nguyen, senior Ashley (her third one),
 and Senior Eunice Shim.

Congrats Beginners to a great start this year!


  1. i NEED to purchase Sarah's bowl if and when she might be willing to
    let it go!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ah, I can see why a Grace likes Sarah's bowl ... her lizard is very believable!

    I'm also liking the variety in Ashley's pots: the thin rim on the first, the strong verticals on the second, and the spheres echoed at the top and bottom of her third pot.

    Vinaini's delicate veins, Eunice's triangulations and Vincent's flower pot round out a very impressive demonstration of how pinch pots can be more than a simple project.

    Nice work everyone!