Saturday, February 25, 2017


various pieces of cotton, linens & silks, windfall, spices, fruits & vegetables
with lots of string, hot plates & large pots for steaming

I'm hoping you enjoyed the banners in part one,
these next ones in part two are just as fabulous!
I hope your eyes will be delighted as mine were.

We start off with super star junior Rachel Kannampuzha.
Rachel is a deep critical thinker who always goes beyond the minimum requirements,
coming up with unique, original ideas for all her assignments.
I know for a fact that Rachel was inspired by the work of fiber artist Grace Forrest
when I suggested to the kids they check out Grace under Artists I Follow on my blog.
Rachel created two figures with her eco dyed pieces
and all of us were in awe.
Grace found out that Rachel was following her blog 
and they've now become friends thru the magic of the internet.
And if you remember the post from earlier this year called Garden Diva,
Grace sent my class a piece of hers to enjoy at Xmas time.
I love this close up of the woman against that rich turquoise backdrop.
So exquisite Rachel!

Youngster Margaret Yiu, 
with her gorgeous craftsmanship and her beautiful sense of design
created this next one.
She chose to work symmetrically (the kids had a choice),
and nailed it!
I adore her fabric rose she created,
and how she tyed each side together with the burnt orange chain stitches.
And check out how perfectly she couched down her string.

Junior Jillian Morris blew us all out of the water with this next piece.
It measures about 36" long,
2 -3 times longer than all the others.
Notice how she stripped many of her fabrics to help elongate her banner,
creating a lot of rhythmic negative spaces.
Also notice additional rhythm she achieved because of her numerous stacks.
And the balance made by her three perfectly placed polymer buttons.
Great work Jillian!

Now we go back to one of my sweet 8th grader's,
 Palmer Patel.
Palmer is the young man accompanied everyday by paraeducator Coach Milan,
and this is his second year with me.
He loves art and works very hard in my class.
We are all so proud of this beautiful piece he made
because fine motor skills do not come easy for him.
Bravo Palmer!!

Another 8th grader,
 Loren Kim,
created this next incredible work of art.
Loren was with me last year as well and is one of my top students.
Many of her works were featured last year on the blog with more to come this year.
One of the requirements that she made the most use of that I love is the fraying of her edges.
Notice how she frayed all the 4 major squares,
and how it brings so much softness to her piece.

In fact,
 I like this piece so much that I want to show off these two main sections up close-up.

And we end part two with 8th grader Dana Ahmad.
Dana also loves art and takes it very seriously.
I'm pretty sure Dana went into 3 different bundle pots to get her exterior edge colorways
which brings so much interest to this lovely piece.
And look at all the fraying she did along this bottom edge
which adds so much softness.
And my favorite part of this very pretty piece is the rose she created below.
Brilliant work young lady!

Thank  you all for working so hard for me,
jumping thru endless hoops,
and finishing on time so I can post and exhibit your work.


  1. incredible work!!! all of it. Your students so Gifted, you such
    a FINE Beauty FULL to see....thank You and thank Them

    1. And thank you Grace for your support and constant inspiration! We love you xoxoxo

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  2. This is so frustrating! I want to look closer, turn pieces over, feel the stitches between my fingers ... even catch the scent of dye pots lingering in the cloth (deep sigh)

    Okay, well. I'll be back in a bit ...

  3. Back at last ... with kudos to Rachel for the strong colors and beautiful marks ... to Margaret for the graceful rose and gracefully sinuous couching above it ... to Jillian for an epic piece that fairly pulls on the bowed wood from which it hangs ... to Palmer for the striking leaves, especially the one that dangles from the lower edge ... to Loren for her stitches that faithfully evoke organic forms ... and to Dana for yet another rose and the wonderful movement from one color to the next.

    And I still want to look closer, turn the pieces over, and feel the stitches between my fingers ...

  4. Liz, these pieces are exquisite in person! So wish you could see them up close.