Monday, December 5, 2016


clay, glazes & oxides

These are the smallest little clay boxes,
usually only about 3" by 3",
sometimes smaller.
But they look ginormous on this screen.
These were made using the Japanese technique Lump Box that the kids find quite satisfying.
They start with a solid lump of clay and throw it down on their board in all different directions 
until they come up with an interesting asymmetrical form.
Then they slice thru the upper portion where lid will meet,
and carve out the innards.
Of course I require them to put some kind of surface decoration on the outside.
Cuz that's what it's all out,
 right Samuel?

One of the classes favorites was this one done by junior Edward Malacon.
It reminded us of a cupcake.
And what a lovely job he did with the glazing too.

These next cuties are done by senior Robert Dunn & junior Cathy Huang.
Robert's glaze came out so well and who can resist those little guys on top of Cathy's lid?

A couple of my favorites were these next two.
The one above by junior Sarah Chang,
and below senior Archana Vanchewaran.
In Cathy's it's all about how the glaze turned out,
so earthy and warm with wonderful highlighted areas.
In Arch's ,
I love how she brought out the stamped surface design
 by first rubbing the piece with Red Iron Oxide,
then wiping that off (a staining technique) with a sponge.
Next she applied Transparent glaze over top which really makes it pop.

Junior Annie Oh brought out her sculpture skills on this one.
Super cool Annie!
Another class favorite.

And juniors Nathan Lam & Sarah Woo both turned out incredible pieces as well.
We loved Nathan's incised surface design,
and Sarah's glaze job is to die for!
I also really appreciated Nathan's asymmetrical form he was able to achieve.

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  1. As always, even the simplest techniques bring out an amazing array. Thanks to Sarah Chang whose heart-filled edge and jaunty top brought a smile. Hearts are much on my mind these days ...