Saturday, December 3, 2016


watercolors, pen and ink & colored pencils

This is always a terrific assignment to end with for the 7th graders.
They love it!
It actually keeps them quiet & busy for a whole two hours,
not an easy task.  LOL
I have them pick a color scheme to work within.
Then they mix their watercolors to that scheme in their palette, 
drop clean, clear water onto their paper,
 then splatter, dip & drop the paint onto the paper.
Fun times at Whitney High!
This would be accomplished the day before the 2 hour testing final period.

On the day of the 2 hour final,
when the paint is dry,
 they turn their paper every which way
 & use a fine felt tip marker and find creatures to highlight.
They can also come in with colored pencil to bring up values,
add texture and details.

One of my personal favorites was this first one up top by Robbi Cayabyab.
By choosing a Primary color scheme
 and with the water moving around on the paper 
he is also getting secondary color mixtures.
How beautiful is that! 

This next adorable one belongs to Sachi Nandedkar.
I also ask the kids to bring in some Zentangling with their markers.
Look closely and you will see a lot of great doodling by Sachi.

We all loved the pinks and purples that Vianni Villanueva got with her Primary color scheme.
Notice she left out the Primary color Yellow?
By doing that she got a lot of purple mixtures
as well as sky blues & soft pinks with the extra water on the paper.
Lots of great value ranges.

My eye was caught by Helaena Ebalobor's piece.
I love the text she brought in and how she curved it
and arranged it from small to large.
Great critical thinking!

We end with Shukthi Senthilraj and her Primary colorway.
Love, love , love all the creatures she found and how full and balanced her piece feels.
She had a lot of great shapes to work with,
and actually still does! 
She could do even more if she wanted.

I hope your parents frame these sweet little pieces up,
they are tiny masterpieces.

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  1. I love Heleana's text ... but it did draw my eye away from the creatures.

    Which reminds me of a story. My husband and I went to dinner with two couples at a restaurant called The Frog and the Redneck. The two other women went to the restroom and came back exclaiming that the pictures on the wall were very ambiguous and they had to wait until someone came out before knowing which was the ladies room. I'm not usually one for using public facilities, but this was too intriguing to pass up. So I went back and found that the pictures were indeed very ambiguous. But also clear as day beside each door were the words "Gents" and "Ladies." Go figure ...