Wednesday, December 7, 2016


clay, glazes & oxides

We end the beginning clay kids with these cool planters 
that were supposed to revolve around a nature theme. 
Besides looking at the neat designs,
also check out the great finishes they came up with.
On the day of the Final we had a Planting Party.
I bring in soil & a variety of annuals & perennials for the young ones to choose from.
And of course I give them a lesson on plant care.  :)

We all loved senior Jonathan Hsu's undersea adventure on the front of his planter.  
And the way he glazed it really feels like the octopus is moving thru the water.

His buddy,
 senior Jonathan Gong,
 also did an ocean theme,
and I also really like how he used the oxides and blended Red Iron with Cobalt.

Senior Archana Vancheswaran went all out with both her design and glazing.
Really eye-catching!

And junior Manav Gandhi surprised us all with this fabulous work.
Bravo Manav,
I love how decorative it is with the inlaid shards of glass!

Junior Nathan Lam,
who always brings us a super fun & unique design, 
did not let us down.
Love how he contrasted the oxide staining with the glazed eye portion.

And junior Brian Hu,
first time on the blog?,
applied this large and scary looking spider that really lookss like it's climbing into the planter.

Look closely and you will see sitting on the ground 
how junior Cathy Huang has strung & dangled charms off the bottom of her planter.
What a wonderful idea!

And junior Annie Oh brings in her sculptural talents with this large skull-like winged creature.

We end the day of the Final with Jonathan , 
Annie & junior Howard Lin caring for & watering their planters.
I love that I was able to capture this shot of them admiring
 and checking out all the pieces as they drained.
Farewell young pups,
you all were a most challenging group to work with,
but because of that I will always remember you guys and wish you well.
Speaking of that,
I'm dying to know how you are getting on at West Point Aaron.
When you can,
 catch me up.

1 comment:

  1. Best final ever: planting for the future. Love this!

    Manav's planter drew me in, looking for all the world like textile with its elaborately patterned layers that read as folds.

    Archana's veining and textured edges are enhanced by the glazing (and if I remember rightly, it's not always easy to "see" your way through when glazes can all look alike when they are first painted onto bisque).

    And Brian ... that spider is seriously too real!

    P.S. to all ... if your plants have faded (mine always did), try succulents (ha!)