Thursday, December 8, 2016


solar printing fabric, perle cottons, stuffing & beading accents

A super fun way to end the school year is to make solar pillows with my Beginning 3-D kids.
I order the photosensitive fabric from Dharma Trading and the kids do wonders with it.
It's expensive and I buy enough so that each child gets to do a preliminary piece first, 
testing out at least 5 different things to print.
For instance,
 feathers, leaves, buttons, jewelry, paper clips, doilies, snowflake cut outs,
 the list is long. 
Whatever they pick,
 it must sit flat against the ground.
We use t-pins to help hold things in place so the wind doesn't blow them off.

I adore what junior Insha Khan thought to do.
She cut up both her prelim and good one,
 and stitched them patchwork style back together again using a whip stitch and perle cotton.

Next we have English teacher Deliana Park.
Hers again was one of the class favorites.
I had forgotten how crazy amazing it was until I pulled it up last nite to work on this post.
Incredible design Deliana.
Man oh man, 
do I miss you girlie.
(Ms. Park transferred to Troy High School in the Fullerton District 
to be on the same break schedule as her children)

Senior Elias Rodriquez did quite get to finish his,
but it was so extraordinary that I needed to post it as  inspiration for this next school year.
I love that he thought to do a self-portrait,
and the pine needles he used as resist in the photo process makes a wonderful boarder.

Sweet 8th grader Micah Yim,
another of my favorites who is gone this year
(transferred to Cerritos High)
created this glorious design.
well thought out Micah.
Great contrasts between the play of lights & darks.

Another outstanding 8th grader,
Elliana Lee,
made this super clean & tight origami design.
Her craftsmanship is extraordinary for one so young.

And then there is 8th grader Sydney Eng.
The energy & effort she gives me in every piece is truly remarkable.

And senior Iris Xu
(don't let Sriram near this)
so touching & lovely,
the beads the perfect accompaniment.
I sure miss you & your gentle way.

We end with Eileen Wang and her bouquet of flowers.
Wonderful pops of whites against the blue ground.
With her tiniest of stitches here and there.

Perfect way to end the year.
Thanks you 3-d kiddos for giving me so much of yourselves!
And thank you Deliana for joining us and really raising the bar,
and making us laugh.  
You are one funny lady!
Helen told me to tell you hello.


  1. As so often happens, these make me want to try yet another unexplored medium. What I especially appreciate is Insha's revisioning of simple silhouettes into a more complex composition. And I love Deliana's sun! And kudos to Micah for such complex silhouetting (is that a word?) ... how hard it must be to see such talent move away.

  2. When Micah told me he was leaving it about killed me. In 37 years he was one of my all time favorites. His positive energy, genuine goodness and caring, and smile brightened my day every single morning when he walked into my room. He is a bright shining star.