Wednesday, December 21, 2016


graphite on bristol paper

Meet my six 2nd year Drawing, Painting & Design students.
I'm stoked about this group of kids.
They all want to go into the arts in some fashion,
and they all are hard workers with great critical thinking skills as you will see.

This first assignment was only a 2 day deal,
but most of them put so much more extra time into them,
like all night.
They had to create a 10 step value scale in graphite.
Subject matter was up to them.

Senior Ayesha Durrani has created several value scales.
Her trees are her main ones but also check out her tile walkway,
 and even her subtle night sky.
Love how the trees overlap their trunks & branches,
they seem to be calling/waving me into the piece.

Senior Malaya Sithichai did a completely different take on this assignment.
Instead of coloring in solid areas for each of her values,
she layered in animal hair values which all of us thought was very clever.
Even the chiny, chin, chin hair has value.

And senior Eileen Lee also did a secondary value scale in her backdrop,
and in combination with the wavy lines it brings in such wonderful movement to the space.

In this next exquisite drawing,
senior Jazzerie Lo uses pointillism for much of the piece.
Let's take a closer look so you can appreciate how delicate her drawing style is.

We loved senior Kevin Mao's man falling thru space,
it reminds me of some of the dreams I wake myself up from.
and the feathers are the perfect way to fill the negative space.
Kevvin told me he based this piece on the Myth of Daedalus & Icarus,
where they made wings from wax & feathers,
 then got too close to the sun,
and their wings melted and they fell.

We end with senior Samantha Tun with this really adorable clothesline.  
I like how she cut out each drawing and glued it over top another paper.
I tried to convince her to use real string and clothespins to hang it with
 but she liked it the way it was which is fine.
I also like the elongated format she worked in.
That always pleases the eye.

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  1. All wonderful, but Jazzerie's pointillist denizen of the deep takes the prize, especially the eyes and the spheres encircling the left side