Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Oh Boy!!
something got finished,
 and it's on it's way backeast to Old Lyme, CT.
 The recipient is 2016 Alumni Hapshiba Kwon.
Last school year I sent this one to 2015 Alumni Daphne Chaing in D.C. 

Every year when I teach the Solar Dyed Yarns &
Beginning Knitting Unit to my Intermediate 3-d kids,
I'm able to demonstrate each step and pattern,
so that I actually stay one day ahead of the class,
which leaves me with a finished piece at the end.
Woo Hoo
This year we covered 10 patterns,
Knit & Purl garter, Stockinette, 2 by 2 Ribbing, Mistaken Rib, Cable, Log Cabin, Seed, 
Stripping & Intarsia.
Finished the blocking and hubby put it in the mail for me today.
I'm hoping just in time to keep Hapshiba toasty in the Conn. snow.
Looking forward to her sending a pix with her wrapped up in it.
Also hoping she'll like the colorways I came up this year.
I always go into my demos blind so I put no pressure on getting things just right.
I find that working spontaneously is a whole lot of fun.
everyone here at Whitney sends you hugs and warm wishes 
for the Holiday Season with your family. 
And give your brother Daniel a big hug and kiss from me.
Love you always sweet girl.

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  1. She's going to love this cheery creation!