Monday, December 19, 2016


tempera & marking pen

I cannot remember when I've had so many potential art majors all in one class.
This year there are at least 10 serious kids who plan on majoring in some form of Visual Arts,
about half are juniors and half seniors with perhaps one 8th grader.
Because of this the results from this first assignment blew my socks off  :)

The critical thinking put into the designing of these works is really remarkable considering they had to incorporate a color wheel, 
value scale, 
monochromatic scale, 
analogous & 3 sets of compliments.

Can you find junior Varisha Azmi's color wheel?  
She designed it into the delightful birds.
How about her Monochromatic scale?
She picked the hue green and put her values mixtures under the tree.
I'm also enjoying all the pen& ink work she put in,
Zentangling it's called.

Let's see what senior Lauren Kennedy came up with.
Can you find her value scale with all the shades of grey? 
And I like how she balanced the piece with her complimentary & their neutrals blades of grass.
Lauren had one of the most beautifully crafted pieces in the bunch.
Her painted edges are to die for!

And wowzer,
look at this incredible piece by junior Sarah Oh!
The fluidity in it is amazing,
Her sense of composition is superb, 
plus it's playful and just so much fun to look at.

In this next one by senior Jocelyn Chou, 
she was really able to capture the opaque quality
that I wanted these kids to lay the paint down with. 
She has created an exciting composition by bringing in a lot of movement with diagonals and curves..
Definitely an eye catcher.
Tempera is a bit tricky,
It wants to go on transparent but it looks better opaque
which means sometimes the kids have to paint an area over twice to get it right.
Jocelyn has nailed it!

Another strong designer who has come to me this year is junior Tiffany Chen.
What a gorgeous piece she has put together here both compositionally 
and with her impeccable craftsmanship.
Bravo Tiffany!

And we end with the very sweet & smart senior Melissa Ongko.
I feel like this work is a bit of a self-portrait for Melissa.
She throws herself into her assignments like this little girl running towards the stars
with arms wide open.
She has come in and knocked out every assignment with gusto and dedication 
like I haven't seen the likes of lately.
This young woman is like a dog with a bone.
She sinks her teeth into each assignment and works on it at home, 
before school,
during lunch & many times after school.
Because of this she is always the first one done,
and it's such a pleasure for me to watch her work and enjoy the process so much.
Your effort has not gone unnoticed Melissa  :)

You all fill my heart with joy to be able to share so many beautiful works of art.
Told you I had some remarkable kids this year!

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  1. What incredible talent for a "beginning" class ... nurtured by you no doubt, but only with dedicated practice over many hours and days does it yield results like this. I've sometimes wondered how you are still teaching after all these years ... it's an exhausting profession. But in this post the answer is clear: who could walk away from this?